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What is Spout?

"Spout, formerly BukkitContrib, is a framework to bridge the ever-widening chasm between single player mods, and multi-player Bukkit plugins.

On its own, it does very little. Expect no changes beyond some interface enhancements and minor speed improvements on the client and moderate speed improvements on the server.

Through it, Bukkit plugins can do the previously impossible. Currently, plugins can seamlessly manipulate and monitor inventory, audio, sound effects, skins, player titles, alter the main in-game HUD, and launch popup notifications on the player's client.

Many of these features require Spoutcraft. See "What is Spoutcraft" below.

And the future is even better. Spout plans to create a client side plugin system, which will unlock the ability to add custom blocks, monsters, and items to the game. Imagine joining one server, and having it automagically download all the new game content and install it seamlessly. Then, log out and join the next server, totally vanilla, without ever closing the game.

With Spout there is no "this isn't possible" replies anymore. Now, it's either "Yes", or "Yes, in the future".

"What is Spoutcraft?"
Spoutcraft connects the server and client and makes most of the features possible. Some things, like inventory monitoring, and the server speed improvements, only require the server plugin. And any player can connect to a Spout server, they will just miss out on the features it has to offer. Spoutcraft is optional, but using it unlocks the real features behind the plugin."

Other Info and LinksEdit

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The SpoutDeveloper team consists of these smart and amazing people:

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