Darx: Edit

I have been asked time and time again, what plugins

do i run of the server and what do they do. So heres a

quick describtion about each one. Will update as i install more/remove some

The PluginsEdit

  • Buildr

-buildr is a world editing "tool" which i have set to admins

and moderators only. For usage that is.

  • BukkitHTTPD

-This nifty little plugin is what runs our servers "main page" if you havent heard about it before, check out

the "how to play" section. Since it runs on bukkitHTTPD it is only avaible when the server is: on

  • ChatManager

-ChatManager doesnt really do much. It reads the placed prefixes in the Permissions .yml's and shows it ingame.

=thats how you get ingame titles and such.

  • DynMap

-Works the same way BukkitHTTPD does, its only avaible when the server is on. However DynMap runs on a different port that the website and gives a overview map of all our servers world in eagleeye mode and "3d" mode.

  • HeroicDeath

-Was first meant as a joke but we quickly found out how usefull it was as it announces in the chat when someone dies and how.

  • HeroSpawn

-Sets the spawn in the Portal world.

  • iConomy

-Most people know this plugin allready. It is what gives the server a money system. We have the main currency set as Gil and the second as Copper. fyi

  • mcMMO

-The very base of our server. The mmo or RPG plugin. Gives you stats, skills and abilities by leveling certain things like, mining, woodcutting and so forth. It is widely expanded by Spout.

  • MCStats2

-A side plugin of BukkitHTTPD. Gives a window with playerstats. Nothing important.

  • PermissionsEx

-Gives permissions and prefixes/suffixes to players and group. It has a long list of other features so just search for it on bukkit.

  • Modifyworld

-A addon to PermissionsEx. Sets who can do stuffs ingame and who cant. Group or playerwise

  • Spout

-This cannot be described in just a few sentences so go here to see what it is

  • SpoutTexturePack

-Spout plugin. Automaticly downloads the servers texture pack: Dokucraft Light if you do not have it