In order to play on our server theres a few things you need to know.

"Whats this? I dont even...."Edit

  • For directions to somewhat important info's n stuffies go to our lazy-ass-info page.

"Dont really want to go all fancy n crap just yet" ~darx

"How do i connect?"Edit

  • The server is currently using the latest version of Hamachi in order for players to connect. This is to better control the player flow on the server.
  • In order to connect to our server you must first send a message to our admin, Darxness for permission.
  • If that is done then join the Hamachi network: "Darxness server" without the quotation marks.
  • You will get the password through an PM from one of our admins. [Requires point.2]

"I cannot connect to the server, why?"Edit

  • Make sure that you have been permitted to join by an admin.
  • Check if you joined the right hamachi nettwork.
  • Also make sure you use a real account and not a hacked one.

"Can i become a Admin? :D"

  • Not in this lifetime >:D

"Why can't i build? D: is minecraft broken?"Edit

Silly question. And the answer is: No.

If you have to ask this question then our server is not for you.

We use several plugins to make sure that the right members get the rank they deserve and with permissions to go with it.

The ranks we currently have are the following:

  • Guest
  • Member
  • Citizen
  • Builder
  • Architect
  • Moderator
  • Admin

The listed ranks may or may not be changed upon completion of the server.

"How do i use your server plugins?"Edit

"itsh so awesome, amagad"